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Top Ten Tuesday #6


Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday.

Where Jana gives the Top Ten weekly theme and we list our top ten.

This week’s Top Ten (Top Six) is: Bookstores/Libraries I’d Love To Visit

(1) The Library of Congress

(2) Reading Room of the British Museum

(3) Boston Public Library

(4) New York Public Library

(5) Library of Canadian Parliament

(6) Salt Lake City Public Library


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A Duel For Christmas ~ Celebrate Lit Kick-Off

a duel for christmas fb banner.jpg

About the Book

A Duel for Christmas.jpg

Book Title: A Duel For Christmas

Author: Rosanne E. Lortz

Genre: Regency Romance, Romantic Suspense

Release date: October 1, 2018

After seven long years in Devon, Lady Maud Worlington returns to London to reclaim life on her own terms, but a nefarious shadow and the prospect of financial ruin dog her steps. An impulsive and unforgettable kiss under the mistletoe creates a connection with Geoffrey, the handsome, young Duke of Tilbury. Yet as pleasant as it is to have a suitor, Maud is not sure how a boy of one-and-twenty can prove an equal partner in life and the equal of all the forces mounted against her.
The Duke of Tilbury considers himself as adept at managing matters as he is at swordplay, but his beautiful new acquaintance Lady Worlington has other ideas about how to manage her complicated life. Intrigued by their stolen kiss, Geoffrey pursues Lady Worlington’s affections, only to be foiled by the lady’s own doubts, by rivals for her hand, and by a sudden death that affects both their families. When Jacob Pevensey, the investigator from Bow Street enters the scene, the duke becomes a prime suspect in the murder case. Truths are unearthed that Geoffrey would rather keep hidden, and the twelve days of Christmas race toward a perilous end.
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About the Author

Roseanne Lortz.jpg

Rosanne E. Lortz is a writer, editor, teacher, history-lover, and mom to four boys. She loves to read, sing, draw, compose, write, and create. Education is one of her passions, particularly a classical, liberal arts education. She has taught English composition and grammar, Latin, history, music, and various other subjects for ten years at both the elementary and secondary level and is currently the Director of Academics and Admissions at Paideia Classical Christian School in Gladstone, Oregon.
Rosanne’s first book, I Serve: A Novel of the Black Prince, released in 2009. This book explores the tumultuous landscape surrounding the Hundred Years’ War and the Black Death and is a tale of arms, of death, of love, and of honor. In 2015, Rosanne began her Pevensey mysteries, novels of romantic suspense set during the British Regency (with inspiration from medieval characters and events). The first three titles are: To Wed an Heiress, The Duke’s Last Hunt, and A Duel for Christmas.

Guest Post from Roseanne

The year is 1120. The place is the English Channel. A ship puts off from the French port. The passengers have been drinking, far too heavily. A submerged rock shatters the hull of the ship. The vessel goes down into the watery depths, and with it the heir to the English throne.

This incident from Medieval history was the inspiration for my Regency novel, A Duel for Christmas. Set in the early 1800s, the novel has a dash of suspense, a few tablespoons of murder mystery, and a heaping cup of sweet romance all blended together to make the perfect holiday read.

Lady Maud Worlington has just returned to London, determined to reclaim life on her own terms, but when an impulsive and unforgettable kiss creates a connection with Geoffrey, the Duke of Tilbury, she must decide if he can prove an equal partner in life and the equal of all the forces mounted against her. A watery death, financial ruin, and a nefarious shadow from the past dog their steps as the Twelve Days of Christmas race toward a perilous end.

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Author Interview

Q&A with Linda K Rodante

Pursued ACX2.jpg

Please welcome author Linda K Rodante to The Mimosa Blossom.
Linda, welcome it’s nice to meet you and have you on The Mimosa Blossom.

(1) How would you describe yourself as a kid, teen, or young adult? Young Adult. Of course, I’m older, but my mind has not kept up with my age in years. Or so it thinks. J

LOL…My mind has not kept up with my age either. It still thinks it’s either a young adult, or teen.

(2) What inspired you to write Pursued?

The opioid epidemic that has spread across our country. It was prevalent in Florida when we lived there. Then we moved to Tennessee a year and a half ago and the first thing I heard of the news was the opioid problem here. In many states, more people are dying from overdoses of prescription and illegal drugs than from car accidents.

Yes, so sad that many people are dying from overdose of illegal drugs, or even prescription drugs.

(3) How do you relax? I read, or I play games and/or cards with my husband, son and grandchildren. And then there are the times we get a cabin in the mountains…

A cabin getaway..Love

(4) Have you had rejections from publishers as an author and, if so, how did you deal with that? Yes. Before I became an indie published author (I actually went with a small press who guided me through the process), I did everything “required” by traditional publishers—took writing courses, went to conferences, joined critique groups, submitted queries, and outlines, and was picked up by an agent. I was told that my writing was good, but after a couple of rejections, reality hit. Most Christian publishers were taking one or two new authors a year and there were thousands submitting. Sometimes I felt like it was a game of chance. Panels of editors would tell us what they looked for to throw a manuscript out. One “ly” adverb, one passive verb, one line of backstory… My agent and I talked about this numerous times, and she told me, “If you don’t want to go through this process another year, then go indie.” I did, and I’ve been blessed with that decision. I must say, though, that I’m not bashing traditional publishing. It’s just that for me and for many others these days, it may be easier and more freeing to “jump ship,” as some describe it. Also, I want to say how much I learned during that time of writing classes, conferences and critique groups. I still do these things because you can always be better and that’s something I aim for. And you make wonderful friendships!

Wow! Thank you for this response. What an eye-opener for other authors and book reviewers. Congratulations on going Indie 🙂

(5) What are you working on next? I just finished two books. The first one is Warrior, is out now. It’s a Christian romantic suspense novel with a concentration on spiritual warfare. I loved writing this book, and I loved the characters—the female protagonist is a kickboxer, and two men are interested in her—the new assistant pastor at church and his friend, a former gang member. The second book is actually a novella and is included in a boxed Christmas set with other authors. It’s my first romance. All my others books are romantic suspense. The boxed set is based on a Hispanic or Latino lead character. Diversity is a key element—as well as Christmas.

Both of these sound really good. Thanks for sharing!

(6) In Pursued, who was your least favorite (or hardest) character to write about? Why? Actually more than a character, two scenes were hardest to write. They were courtroom scenes. I do a lot of research for my novels, and I’ve sat in courts as a spectator or juror a number of times but still making sure all the protocol is right stretched me. J

I can certainly understand about getting the protocol right. Never know who might be judging a book.

(7) What trait did you like most about your main character? Kati is a young woman with many facets. She’s a kickboxer, and we see her in action from the first scene forward, but she is also vulnerable and timid because of things that happened a few years prior. (Sorry, I can’t give away any spoilers).

Thank you for not giving away any spoilers 🙂

(8) What was one thing you learned while writing Pursued? I learned a lot about kickboxing, and, you know, every type of warfare has similar traits—knowing your weapons and how to use them is a big one. And in our spiritual life we often don’t know what they are or we don’t use them!

I agree! I don’t think we know our spiritual weapons, or how to use sad.

(9) What is your favorite movie? Why? Wow. I am not a movie buff. In this day and age, that may be strange, but I do love reading more. My son took me to see Wonder last year—and yeah, I loved that. It’s a book, too, by R.J. Palacio. A middle school boy with facial deformities faces his first year at a mainstream school—and does it with courage and kindness. Lots of lessons along the way, lots of heart-warming moments.

I love movies with heart-warming moments, as well as lessons we can learn.

(10) What do you want your readers to remember after finishing Pursued? That forgiveness is a powerful force. It can change your life. And that God is for us!

Linda, once again thank you for answering these questions, with a lot of thought. Yes, without the focus on God it’s really useless I think. If I am going to read a book I want the focus on God to be there.

Let’s get to know the author:

Linda K. Rodante.JPG

Linda K. Rodante is an author and lover of sweet tea now living in the foothills of Tennessee, a Florida transplant, that loves the seasonal changes in Tennessee. She’s married with two sons and three grandchildren!


Her work with crisis pregnancy centers and anti-trafficking groups have given her a heart for women struggling in today’s society, while still respecting the role and strength God has given to men.


She’s a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and of Word Weavers International. She belongs to Christian Indie Authors, Clean Indie Reads and many other online readers’ groups. She’s a past finalist of ACFW’s Genesis contests.


Linda writes Christian romantic suspense. Her books wrap sweet romance in real-life issues women face today then adds an edge of mystery and suspense. She desires not only to entertain with a good story but to encourage others in their walk with God.

Book Reviews, Contemporary Romance, Suspense

Review: Pursued

pursued ebook.jpg

Pursued is a Christian contemporary romance/suspense novella by author Linda K. Rodante. This book has a bit of everything for every reader who enjoys Christian fiction. I appreciated the mix of romance and suspense.

Cristina Torres and Dr. Chase Richards haven’t seen each other for over ten years. They went their separate ways. Chase became a doctor while Cristina became a lawyer. Now Dr. Chase wants back into Cristina’s life. Would Cristina allow him to enter her life after all these years of no contact?

Someone wants to kill Cristina and Chase wants to protect her. Wants her to know how much he loves her. He believes God sent him back to her after all these years.

This novella would make a great book club choice for YA – Adult. I am glad to have a chance to read Pursued. It’s a clean love story between a man, a woman, and their God.

Disclaimer: I won a copy of this novella from the author and did not have to give a positive review. All opinions are my own.  Books are available in Print & ebook format. Soon to be available as an audiobook.

Star 5.png

Let’s meet the author:

Linda K. Rodante.JPG

Linda K. Rodante is an author and lover of sweet tea now living in the foothills of Tennessee, a Florida transplant, that loves the seasonal changes in Tennessee. She’s married with two sons and three grandchildren!


Her work with crisis pregnancy centers and anti-trafficking groups have given her a heart for women struggling in today’s society, while still respecting the role and strength God has given to men.


She’s a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers and of Word Weavers International. She belongs to Christian Indie Authors, Clean Indie Reads and many other online readers’ groups. She’s a past finalist of ACFW’s Genesis contests.


Linda writes Christian romantic suspense. Her books wrap sweet romance in real-life issues women face today then adds an edge of mystery and suspense. She desires not only to entertain with a good story but to encourage others in their walk with God.

Bethany House, First Line Friday

Legacy of Mercy (First Line Friday)

Legacy of Mercy.png

Welcome to First Line Friday, hosted by Hoarding Books! The book I’m featuring for you today is next up on my TBR list. This is my first time joining First Line Friday. The main object is to grab the book nearest you and share the first line.

Chicago, Illinois (August 1897)

“My dearest Oma Geeje, It was hard to say good-bye to you so soon after meeting you and discovering that you are my grandmother.”

Dear Reader, Now it’s your turn. What is your First Line Friday?

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The 12 Gifts of Christmas ~ Celebrate Lit Kickoff

The 12 Gifts of Christmas copy.jpg

About the Book

The 12 gifts of Christmas.jpg

Book Title: The 12 Gifts of Christmas

Author: Lena Nelson Dooley

Genre: Christian Romance/ Christmas

Release date: September 4, 2018

Malcolm MacGregor is a descendant of Scotland’s Clan MacGregor and a successful young businessman in Fort Worth, Texas. Alanza Cantalamessa works at a gourmet pizzeria owned by her Brazilian artist mother and her Italian Poppa. Both of them are smitten with each other but Malcolm is too reserved to do much more than make small talk—until a promotion at work that will send him away to Australia for six months. It’s December and he has to do something—fast.

Praying about the situation, Malcolm decides to give her twelve gifts leading up to Christmas. Their families and friends think they are moving too fast. And a gold-digger who tossed Malcolm aside in the past has now decided he’s the man of her dreams.

Can Malcolm and Alanza overcome their obstacles before he has to go abroad? Or is it really not meant to be?

Click here to purchase your copy!

About the Author

Leena Dooley.jpg

Multi-published, award-winning author Lena Nelson Dooley is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, her local chapter in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the Christian Authors’ Network, and Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. Her forty-plus books have sold more than 875,000 copies. Lena’s books have appeared on the CBA, ECPA, and Publisher Weekly bestseller lists, as well as some Amazon bestseller lists. She also writes a popular blog, A Christian Writer’s World, that features other authors’ books. The blog received the Readers’ Choice Blog of the Year Award from the Book Club Network.
Lena is a three-time finalist in the Carol Awards ACFW contest. Her 2010 release, Love Finds You in Golden, New Mexico, won the 2011 Will Rogers Medallion Award for excellence in publishing Western Fiction. Her next series, McKenna’s Daughters: Maggie’s Journey appeared on a reviewers’ Top Ten Books of 2011 list. It also won the 2012 Selah award for Historical Novel. The second, Mary’s Blessing, was a Selah Award finalist for Romance novel. Catherine’s Pursuit, released in 2013, was the winner of the NTRWA Carolyn Reader’s Choice contest, took second place in the CAN Golden Scroll Novel of the Year award, and won the Will Rogers Medallion bronze medallion. Her book, A Heart’s Gift, won RWA’s Faith, Hope, and Love Readers’ Choice Award in July 2017.

Lena is also the host of The Lena Nelson Dooley Show on the Along Came a Writer blogtalk radio network. She has experience in screenwriting, acting, directing, and voice-overs, and currently serves on the board of directors of Higher Ground Films. She has been featured in Christian Fiction Online Magazine, ACFW Journal, Book Fun Magazine, Charisma Magazine, and Christian Retailing.

Guest Post from Lena

She took the pan off the burner, dropped tiny marshmal-lows into the waiting over-sized mugs, and filled them with the fragrant hot chocolate. “Do you want to drink it here, or would you rather go in the living room? The sofa is more comfortable.”

“Whatever you want to do.” His honeyed tone wrapped around her like a warm blanket.

She handed a mug to him, picked up her own, along with coasters and two napkins, and headed into the living room. He followed.

Alanza’s Best Hot Chocolate


4 cups milk

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup good quality cocoa powder

3 tbls. honey

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 dark chocolate bar

1 can real whipped cream

Maraschino cherries


Heat milk over medium to low heat, stirring constantly until milk starts to bubble slightly (about 10 minutes). Meanwhile, mix sugar and cocoa together until well blended. When milk is ready, gradually add in sugar, cocoa, and honey, stirring constantly. Put heat on low and add shavings of chocolate bar and vanilla. Continue stirring until chocolate has melted. Remove from heat and pour into mugs. Add whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and cherries on top, as desired.

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Review: Delayed Justice (Celebrate Lit)

Delayed Justice FB Banner copy.jpg

About the Book

delayed justice.jpg

Book Title: Delayed Justice

Author: Cara Putman

Genre: Legal Romantic Suspense

Release date: October 15, 2018

She had long given up the desire to be loved. Now she only needed to be heard.

Jaime Nichols went to law school to find the voice she never had as a child, and her determination to protect girls and women in the path of harm drives her in ways both spoken and unspoken. As Jamie, now a criminal defense attorney, prepares to press charges against someone who wronged her long ago, she must face not only her demons but also the unimaginable forces that protect the powerful man who tore her childhood apart.

Chandler Bolton, a retired veteran, is tasked with helping a young victim who must testify in court—and along with his therapy dog, Aslan, he’s up for the task. When he first meets Jaime, all brains, beauty, and brashness, he can’t help but be intrigued. As Chandler works to break through the wall Jaime has built around herself, the two of them discover that they may have more to offer one another than they ever could have guessed—and that together, they may be able to help this endangered child.

This thrilling installment of the Hidden Justice series explores the healing power of resolution and the weight of words given voice. And as Jaime pursues delayed justice of her own, she unearths eternal truths that will change the course of her life.

Click here to purchase your copy!

My Thoughts.png

Delayed Justice is a contemporary suspense novel by author Cara Putman. This is the third installment of the Hidden Justice series. It can be read as a standalone, but I do suggest going back and reading the first two installments because they are so good.

The opening scene, Jaime Nichols has been diagnosed with dysthymic depression. She became a criminal defense attorney so she could right the wrong done to her years ago. I learned there is no statute of limitations for molestation. I was also glad to see she had the support of her parents.

The author had grabbed my attention and I was eager to see how the plot would pan out. Because women and children who have been abused are near and dear to my heart. I most want them to know they are not alone. Keep talking until someone listens.

Disclaimer: I received this ebook complimentary Celebrate Lit and Net Galley,  and was under no obligation to post a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Star 5.png

About the Author

cara putman.jpg

Since the time she could read Nancy Drew, Cara has wanted to write mysteries. In 2005 she attended a book signing at her local Christian bookstore. The rest, as they say, was history. There she met a fellow Indiana writer Colleen Coble. With prompting from her husband, Cara shared her dream with Colleen. Since those infamous words, Cara’s been writing award-winning books. She is currently working on book 30 and 31.

Cara Putman is an active member of ACFW, and currently serves on its Executive Board. She has also been the Indiana ACFW chapter president and served as the Area Coordinator for Indiana.

Cara is also an attorney, lecturer at a Big Ten university, active in women’s ministry, and all around crazy woman. Crazy about God, her husband and her kids that is. She graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Go Huskers!) and George Mason Law School, and Krannert School of Management. You can learn more about Cara at

Guest Post from Cara

Delayed Justice was a hard story to write.

I’d known from Beyond Justice that Jaime had a hard story, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. She tried to hide from her past. She tried hard, but in the end it slowly spilled out. A young girl wounded deeply by someone who should protect her. And now as a professional young woman, Jaime is still fighting the shadows.

She believes she’s okay, or as okay as she’ll ever be.

Instead, she has to learn that there’s so much more waiting for her. Freedom from the chains of a past she didn’t choose. A love that will never end. And a God who has always loved her even when she questions His existence because of her past.

I think we’ve all lived that. There’s a place in our hearts that seems beyond His reach. For some of us, it’s a barrier to knowing Him. To others of us, it makes us question what we thought we knew about God. And for others of us, it presses us deeply into Him. Jaime’s book, Delayed Justice, explores this space. The space where some days we scream at the heavens Where are you, God? And the days we just curl into ourselves because life is too hard.

And in that space of shadow and light, God ultimately shines brightest. This is a truth that is slowly revealed through friends and The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe.

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