The Birth of a Story

Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud

I sure spend a lot of time clinging to my safety nets, for one who talks so often about living God’s great adventure. Although, I do eventually drop them, and take that next step, and then the next, though my hands might be clammy and my legs may quiver every step of the way.

This was me, when our family joined our former church for a week-long mission trip to El Salvador back in 2011. My biggest angst? I hated flying. I’ve gotten much better, but back then, every trip felt like torture. While the other passengers slept or read books or chatted with one another, I’d obsess. On every plane crash I’d ever heard of, on every bump or dip as we soared through the sky, on how high our plane flew and how long it’d take us to spiral to our deaths.

Ah, the joys of the writer’s…

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Growing in Love–a 1 Timothy Bible study

Jennifer Slattery Lives Out Loud

Follow the fruit–I read that statement during a time when my life seemed to contradict it. Or at least, when my circumstances left me confused and uncertain. I knew God was up to something, I could sense it deep within, but I hadn’t a clue what that was.

Lots of opportunities seemed to come my way, and many of them quite good, if they were from God. But if they weren’t, I knew they’d merely be noisy, time-sapping distractions. My heart mirrored Moses’s words in Exodus 33:15: “Then he said to [God], ‘If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here.'”

In other words, if God wasn’t in it, I wanted nothing to do with it. I refused to waste my time pushing against a wall that would never move or leave no lasting impact. The converse was also true–I wasn’t moving unless I sensed God’s…

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Do Not Bore Your Team

Cory Lebovitz

I have been an Atlanta sports fan for most of my life. I’ve lived through the ups and downs of the 90’s Braves. I watched with excitement as Morton Anderson took us to our first Super Bowl – only to watch John Elway crush us. All the highs and lows of this city – I have experienced them as a fan. I have learned to balance optimism and heart break.

Can I tell you one of the hardest things about being a fan in this city? We are consistently inconsistent. When world champs come to town we play like one of the big boys. However when a team with no momentum comes to town we find all the ways possible to play down to them. I used to be shocked by the ability of my favorite teams to alternate between sharp and dull. I was confused until I started working…

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Pluck It and Bag It

Where Did You Find God Today?

I learned a godly truth from a bunch of cilantro. Sitting in my fridge for a week or so, I noticed some of the leaves had rotted before I got to use them in my food. My first instinct was to chuck the whole thing.  But I love cilantro, and it isn’t cheap. So I decided in order to keep the lush green ones from being contaminated, I’d pluck them away and sealed them in a storage baggie. Much less icky that snapping away the  slimy, brown ones and getting the gunk on my fingers.  Blech.

As I pulled the fragrant, dark leaves, I realized there were a lot more “good ones” than I originally thought.  That made me sigh with relief because I hadn’t wasted all my money after all.  Yet immediately my eyes had detected the bad ones and thought the worse.

It took a while to pluck…

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5 Things We Need to Create a Healthy Volunteer Culture

Cory Lebovitz

Let me start by saying I wish these thoughts were mine originally – because they are really good! A few years ago I sat in on a web conference put on by Newspring Church. During one of the sessions Perry Noble delivered thoughts on the 5 things we need if we want to create a healthy volunteer culture. I was going back through my notes this week and thought these were some valuable insights to pass along.

I want to be a part of creating a healthy volunteer culture…and I hope you do as well. I want the teams I am a part of to flourish. There is a story found early in the book of John that helps to highlight the various things we need if we want our teams to be healthy. The backdrop for the opening of John 2 is a wedding in which Jesus and His…

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None of Us Avoid the Knife

Cory Lebovitz

Sometimes my daughter gets confused. This world is a crazy place to live in and try to understand.   The more you try to explain it the more you understand why little ones get confused.

For instance, sometimes you take your child to the doctor because they are sick. They don’t feel good and need help, so to the doctor they go. Other times they are taken to the doctor even though they feel perfectly fine. We call these visit’s “check up’s.” To an adult it makes sense, but to a toddler the purpose does not matter – it is a trip to the doctor, which most kids want to avoid.

Little kids aren’t the only ones who get confused. We as adults can often find ourselves confused and scared when we do not understand what is happening around us.

The other day I found myself re-reading a passage of Scripture…

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