Homeschool Review

Seems like we continually change how we homeschool, what we use, every year.
Maybe because we don’t like something we did or maybe we just don’t want to get in a rut.
Whatever it is, this year is no exception. A few changes we did this year are:

`W` is doing Composition-Rhetoric
It provides a series of themes covering description, narration, exposition, and argument. Each theme builds upon the other a little at a time. Along with the theme there are exercises designed to aide in learning the concept taught.

`D` is doing Creation Science unit studies (General, Geology, Astronomy & Anatomy).
I had previously steered clear away from unit studies. I felt they were too costly. By the time you buy everything you need. However, I was able to buy these books on sale (wonderful price), and the experiments use items easy to come by & very economic. The unit study gives ideas for Bible studies, Reading selection, Language Arts, Math Reinforcement, Science activities & experiments, Geography/History, and Art/Music. There are 3 sections divided by: K-3, 4-8, 9-12. You could actually teach it over again for each division. There is also a suggested reading list. I have been able to get most of these books through inter-library loan. All the study guides are packed with information. I like the fact that we are learning what the Creationists and the Evolutionists believe.