Our Study Area

Well, we really don’t have a favorite spot. One reason I started Homeschooling was so the boys wouldn’t have to be stuck at a desk all day. I guess `W` would say his favorite place is his computer desk. However, when reading he likes to lie down on his bed. Cool & quite. And I think a bit comforting.
As for `D` who Loves having Mom near him, he is all over the house. Typically, for read alouds I sit in my favorite chair and `D` sits on the couch snuggled with a cat or snuggled in blankets. Then he spends some time reading to himself, listening to audio books or doing research or experiments. `D` also spends time on the computer. Learning to type, research, online Grammar study, watch video’s of D.I.V.E. and Dr. Kent Hovind.