`34` things on the wall

(I was inspired by Barb at  `Harmony Art Mom`  to do post this)

Please see Barb’s list of  99 things on the wall.


1. Started your own blog.  (I began blogging on HSB-August 2008, moved to wordpress January 2009)
2. Watched a meteor shower
 (years ago)
3. Been to Disneyland/world
  (I lived in Fl when DisneyWorld opened & went many times)
4. Held a praying mantis (yes)
5. Had food poisoning (yes, from ketchup & while pregnant)
6. Had a pillow fight (WooHOo!! YES!!)
7. Hitch hiked (Yes)
8. Seen a total eclipse (Yes)
9. Watched a sunrise or sunset (yes)
10. Hit a home run (Bwahahaha!! Nope!!)
11. Been on a cruise (Nope)
12. Seen Niagara Falls in person (Nope)
13. Been transported in an ambulance (Yes)
14. Had your portrait painted (Does a caracture count?)
15. Gone deep sea fishing (No, have gone oyster diving, tho)
16. Played in the mud (Made mup-pies as a child)
17. Gone to a drive-in theater (Yes; are they still around?)

18. Been in a movie (Been on the news)
19. Served at a soup kitchen (Yes)
20. Flown in a helicopter
 (Nope! But, flown in a small plane-more than once)
21. Saved a favorite childhood toy
 (How about Fav. childhood books)
22. Eaten Caviar
23. Pieced a quilt (No, but love to crochet Afghans)

24. Broken a bone (Never, but had a motorcycle accident requiring 325 stitches in my head)
25. Bought a brand new car (years ago-my very Favourite car-Pontiac T1000)
26. Had your picture in the newspaper (Yes)
27. Read the entire Bible (Yes)
28. Killed and prepared an animal for eating (I love wild game-but could never kill & prepare it myself)
29. Had chickenpox (twice)
30. Joined a book club
31. Lost a loved one
32. Had a baby
33. Owned a cell phone
34. Been stung by a bee (Yes)