The Case For Heaven and Hell

The word \”ge\’ en-na\”(gehenna), is used symbolically in Scripture meaning – eternal destruction.

Most Bible translations, use the word (grave), where the word (hell) is used.
You will find most Bibles will have either the word (grave) describing hell, or there will be a footnote explaining the origin of the word (hell).

Over the years the word (hell), has had its meaning changed.
All you need to do look up the word (hell) for yourself in an encyclopedia and find out its origin.

Lee gives a great summary here how Jesus is remarkably unique, compared to every other religion.

Lee Strobel interviews Randy Alcorn about the evidence for Heaven\’s existence.

Randy Alcorn discusses what the Bible says Heaven will be like.

Randy Alcorn reminds us what is true gain.

Hawaiian Music Video- Janoe Kalawa of the group \”Hawaiian Soul\” performs a song called \”What Is Heaven Like\” dedicated to his late father.


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