Just For Fun

These words are found in this blog.

These words are found in this blog.

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2 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get to your blog. I do appreciate you being a member of the groups and visiting my blog.

    I looked around quite a bit while I was here and really enjoyed it. You have so much to share and your faith is so strong.


  2. Thank you for such a nice comment. All the glory goes to God. He is miraculously changing our marriage & family. I pray for His anointing every time I come to my blog. My prayer is to be a mighty witness for God. I even prayed to Him for my url name, user name & blog title. My son (17) gave me apudiem (House of God) a very very good friend of mine gave me the idea for `Joyful` (user name) and the Lord gave me `Joyful Journey`.

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