Our Son Washed in the River of Shiloam

Good Morning,

I must write a letter of Praise for our Lord. and Savior Christ Jesus.
I spent all day yesterday praising & worshiping the Lord.
A day of fasting, for the most part, from the computer.
And praying for our son.
Last night as he began to quickly get worse, seemingly a new symptom every minute.


Same symptoms he started with, on Thursday, only much worse with vomiting, congestion and seemingly so much mucous it made it very hard to drink water (or anything, even trying to sip it) so he could stay hydrated.
I had him stand still so I could lay my hands on him as I prayed.
This was around 7p.m. (I think).
At 10:00 I gave him his dose of Ibuprofen.
At 11:00 he was still hot to the touch, so I put a call in to our Doctor.
Our Doctor told us to go ahead and give him some tylenol.
And I was instructed, if the fever still didn\’t go down take him to the ER.
We have been alternating Ibuprofen and Tylenol since Thursday at Noon.
Last night, I also called a very dear friend to pray as our son listened to the prayer over the phone.
It was quickly approaching midnight, time for the emergency room.
As I was getting dressed and preparing to take him I kept thinking he hasn\’t had a bath since before he became so sick.
He probably stinks..UGH!!
So, I had him go take a shower (he takes hot showers).
I had completely forgotten about having to sit with him in a steam filled bathroom (when he was much younger).
Well, he went and washed in the river of Shiloam!!
When he came out of the bathroom, although I could still feel a little fever it had come down considerably.
He was able to breathe much better!!
So, I had him sleep on the couch since he had been vomiting.
So he could easily get to the bathroom, if he needed to.
I told him if he felt he needed me, for any reason, to come get me right away.
It\’s 7:00a.m. and he is still sleeping. PTL
Thank you for your prayers
Because HE LIVES!!

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