Smoothie Tips

It’s getting warmer and time for keeping our bodies cool.

I found these tips in a Teach Magazine e-newsletter.

Homemade Smoothies are cool, refreshing and SIMPLE to make!  There are some common flavor combinations that we’re all familiar with, such as Strawberry-Banana.  But the beauty of smoothies is that you can pretty much customize your smoothies to fit your taste buds.  If you use a fruit that has seeds (such as blackberries), you’ll need to strain the smoothie before drinking it.  Also, apples can be used but if they aren’t processed completely, they can leave your smoothie a little chunky and odd tasting if you don’t drink it right away (using apple juice is the better choice if you want apple flavor).

Most smoothies are just a combination of a liquid base (juice, yogurt, milk or water) with some fruit blended into it. Have fun experimenting!