My Fall Into Reading 2009 List

As Katrina at Callappider Days says `Essentially, Fall Into Reading 2009 is a fun, low-pressure reading challenge open to anyone and everyone. It will take place September 22nd-December 20th (which, not surprisingly, is the fall of 2009).`

I am to write my list of books, if I don’t get them all read that’s ok. It’s the challenge in itself.

So here goes my list of books, plus a few extras:

Well, I went into a wild frenzy thinking of all the books I’d Love to read..

I even became a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson.

Bethany House Publishers contacted me about being a book reviewer for them, as well.

I don’t know how good I’ll be as a reviewer, but I have decided my `Fall into Reading` books will be those I review.

I am gonna scratch the first list. I’ll be adding to this list as I review. I think I’ll keep the first 2 originals.

(1) `Never Give Up` (Joyce Meyer)

(2) `At Home in Mitford` (Jan Karon)

(3) `The Noticer` (by Andy Andrews)(Thomas Nelson- book review)

(4) `Battlefield of the Mind` by: Joyce Meyer (book & study guide)

(5) `Teenagers preparing for the real world` by: Chad Foster

(6) `The teenage liberation handbook` by: Grace Llewellyn

(7) `Things Worth Remembering` by: Jackina Stark

(8) `Levi’s Will` by: W. Dale Cramer (Bethany House- book review)

(9) `Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World` by: Dr. David Jeremiah

(10) A Measure of Mercy` by: Lauraine Snelling

(11) `The Rose Legacy` by: Kristen Heitzmann

(12) `Though Waters Roar` by: Lynn Austin


2 thoughts on “My Fall Into Reading 2009 List

  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I think I was too excited over reading 🙂
    As it is, I keep changing my books.
    One plus is I am now a reviewer for 2 book company’s.


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