Hearts For Home

Gae at `Hearts For Home` invites everyone to do this meme. We are to commit ourselves to 4-6 thoughts and deeds that encourage our hearts to think inward `toward home`. Please visit Gae and see links to other blogs with meme’s like this at `Hearts for Home`

My commitments are:

(1) Read more books

(2) Enjoy my family more

(3) Remember God is in control

(4) Bring my heart and thoughts back toward Jesus

(5) To be quick to forgive my son when he rebels

(6) Be thankful for my husband


7 thoughts on “Hearts For Home

  1. Dear Michelle,
    I am always thankful to be reminded by others lists. I know I sometimes take my Husband for granted. Thank you for the reminder.

    I am glad you are able to join us. I pray that you are blessed by joining in.
    God Bless


  2. What a wonderful list! Thanks for the inspiration!
    And thank you for sharing your kind thoughts on my blog today!
    So glad to have found YOUR wonderful place here…looking forward to many more visits!


  3. OH! I just noticed that you live in Georgia!
    I DO hope your family is safe and well…please know that we are praying for all in your state who have been affected by the disastrous floods!


  4. Thank you for your prayers.
    We are not to terribly far from the flood, although we are fine right now.
    However, we are getting much rain & we have a creek near us.
    We went from a drought to much flooding.
    I called my parents (they live in FL and are watching the weather/news) and told them we are fine.
    Thanks for praying,


  5. Hello Michelle! I tried to leave a comment on your Vintage Recipe Thursday post, but comments are turned off for that post right now.

    I’m so glad you are joining our friendly group for VRT. I have added your link to MckLinky on the weekly post. That’s where you’ll find the other participants’ links each week.

    I see we seem to have a lot in common, too. We also believe in God, and we homeschool. I see a lot of links on your blog that I want to click. I look forward to getting to know each other. 🙂 Have a great day, and welcome to Vintage Recipe Thursday!


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