`Come and Worship`

Whatever gets you to the feet of Jesus this weekend, do it. Meet him where you’ve met him before, and should the sky split open and your faith catch a glimpse of your glorious forever, cradle that moment in your heart as a sacred gift from a gracious God who loves you.

Who came for you. Who waits for you. Who longs for you… just you. Come and worship your King this day.

For more encouragement along the way, please visit Elaine at `Peace for the Journey`


2 thoughts on “`Come and Worship`

  1. I’m glad this ministered to you; it’s always gratifying to know that God speaks through my pen in any measure. Blessings to you this weekend as you keep to the road of grace; may God’s abundant presence be present in your heart as we move into these promising days of fall.



  2. Thanks Elaine. I love your blog. I listed your link in my sidebar under `Christian Living By Faith`.
    I pray others will be led to your blog.
    Thank you,


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