`The Noticer` book review

I recently became a member for Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program. For my first book, out of a list of books, I chose `The Noticer` by Andy Andrews.  The story is written in first person, the narrator  “Andy” lives under a pier. He assumes no one knows that he sleeps under the pier all alone. He has a level of distrust in everyone and everything. Then a man named Jones (the Noticer) shows up and reminds him how safe he is. Jones tells him he needs a new perspective on things and to think, learn, pray, and plan. This encounter changed Andy’s life.

Jones is a very wise elderly man, who has a talent for noticing things others would just pass by. He encounters residents as they are privately facing some of life’s challenges. Jones is able to help them have a new perspective.

My first impression was it is an uninteresting book, as it did not `grab my attention`. However, as I kept reading I soon began to enjoy it.

The overall message is that we all need openness to change and perception. I recommend this novel to anyone who wants to explore deepening relationships with others.

I was given the product for free in order to write my honest opinion about the product for the review. Thank you Thomas Nelson.


3 thoughts on “`The Noticer` book review

  1. I really enjoyed The Noticer – it definitely makes a person think outside of the box.

    Thanks for stopping by my Fall into Reading post. I do *love* Amish fiction. Thanks for sharing my button as well.

    Happy reading!


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