Art of Fine Baking

I am so excited. My book has arrived.

Thanks to Isabella and Paulina and their first giveaway ever. I won!!

The recipes look fabulous!

The book begins with Baking Terms and Techniques:

Beating, Creaming, Folding, Kneading

Tips for:

Soft, Sticky, or rubbery doughs

Rich, Short,Non-sticky doughs

How to Grease pans and baking sheets

How to use a pastry bag

And many other tips.

Some of the recipes include:

`Golden Velvet Cake`

`Old-Fashioned Sponge Cake`

`Crem Puff Pastry`

`Raisin Cake`

`Lemon Wakers`


`Scandinavian Christmas Cookies`

`Polish Butter Cookies`

`Chocolate Crescents`

`Frosted Shortbreads`

`Pecan Balls`

`Praline Balls`

`Nut Crisps`

`White Spritz Cookies`

`Raspberry Spritz Cookies`

This is just a short list of what is in the book.

Once again thanks goes to Isabella and Paulina.

Please visit their 2 different blogs `Baking Bella` and `Made With Love`

You’ll be glad you did!


2 thoughts on “Art of Fine Baking

  1. Hey ! How have you been? Thanks for stopping by the blog and for the nice comment. I love the book you won. One of my favorite books is an old copy of the Betty Crocker cookbook. It has all the old canning techniques and stuff. I got it at a thrift store for 50 cents I think. My Aunt gave me an old Betty Crocker cookbook for kids last week. So now we have a neat little set. Blessings! ~ Nikki


  2. Hi Nikki,
    We are fine.
    I am now a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson & Bethany House.
    I just did my first review on `The Noticer` by Andy Andrews.
    Now I am reading `Levi’s Will`
    Also, trying to get back into blogging.
    I am on Facebook.


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