My Awesome Award

I received an awesome reward from my awesome bloggy friend Sheri at Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer.

Please be sure and visit her at one of her fine blogs. She puts a lot of work into what she does.

You can visit her at the above link or `What’s in the Box`, Homeschool Product review blog, On the Right Track,

or her Scrapbooks and Lapbooks blog. Sheri is one busy woman, yet she does a wonderful job in keeping her blogs up.

Now I am to write up 6 random things about myself and pass this award along.

Well, I have seen lots of fine blogs out there. So if you go visit at least one of Sheri’s blogs and leave her a comment,

please grab this fine award for your blog.

1) I go to bed at midnight and wake up around 6:00a.m. – 7:00a.m.

2) I have read the whole `Little House` series over and over again.

3) I like quiet as opposed to noisy.

4) I used to drive around those steep mountain roads barefooted and speedy.

5) I am learning to be frugal/green.

6) I Love cooking from Recipes.

7) I Love Bath `n` Body products.