`Levi’s Will` by: W. Dale Cramer

I was so excited to be able to review `Levi’s Will`. It reminds me a lot of Beverly Lewis` series `Abram Daughters`.

I was pleased to see Beverly Lewis had indeed endorsed this book.  The character, Will, is raised Old Order Amish. However, he runs away leaving familiar territory behind.

I must say I was surprised when he decided to join the Army. He actually liked being in the military. The Army was much like his Dad and the way Will was raised.

When he came home from the war he married a girl he had previously met, Helen. A few years into their marriage Will decides he really wants to go back home and see the Amish family he had left.

I leave you with this, Will and Helen went home to the Amish territory. To find out what happens next you’ll need to get the book. It will be well worth the read. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Note: I was not paid to give this review. I received `Levi’s Will` as a part of the Bethany House book reviewers program for bloggers.