I saw this top video at `Mommies Angels` and it reminded me it was time for some FUN videos


2 thoughts on “Videos UPDATED

  1. I love Pooh Bear and Rabbit. Cute videos. Love the Montessori quotes to my right as well. I love a lot of what she believed-and the stuff for Pre-K to K is awesome. I actually assisted the teacher for 2 different schools way back when, then did Montessori pre-school with my kiddos and the kids I watched in my home daycare. Ah the good old days-

    Hope you are well and the fam is good too! Have a great week!


  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by.
    I really need to stop & visit your place soon.
    Could I ask that you keep my Dad (James) in your prayers?
    He is 80, in the hospital, and they can’t narrow down one thing wrong with him.
    They seem to think he has several issues.
    Oh, he isn’t a Christian either.
    We are planning to see Mom & Dad over the Christmas holiday.
    Please pray our jeep makes it.
    We just don’t have the money to rent a car and the jeep is leaking some oil.
    Although we just got my car worked on we don’t trust it for long trips. (6hours each way)
    I am really enjoying facebook. Keep running into relatives & friends I haven’t seen in years gone by.
    Love ya girl


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