The Homemaking Cottage Deluxe Edition

UPDATE: I am excited to say I won a year’s subscription to the DELUXE ONLINE MAGAZINE.


I have recently found this wonderful website and am still exploring it and finding new things I Love about it.

The website is `The Homemaking Cottage`.

They have about everything you could think of homemaking.

They are giving a one year subscription to their online magazine to one lucky person.

Be sure and go visit them and learn how you can maybe win a years subscription.


2 thoughts on “The Homemaking Cottage Deluxe Edition

  1. I can’t say that I did finish it.
    I did, however, do `The Excellent Wife` by Martha Peace.
    Our church is going to start small intimate groups, of about 6 women per group (in homes), I so look forward to it.
    I look forward to the mentoring and accountability.
    However, I also have feelings of moving closer to my parents to aid them at their age.
    Which would mean a different state & a different church.
    I appreciate your prayers.


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