Christmas Traditions

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Our Christmas tradition is to let the youngest open their presents first.

When our youngest was much younger, and more mobile, he really enjoyed being first.

One child plays santa and passes out all the presents.

When that is finished the youngest opens theirs as we all watch and take pictures.

Then they are free to play with what they received as we work our way up to Dad, he is last.

Now that they are teens they also like watching what everyone else received.

Ok, so what is your Christmas tradition?

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Growing up, we would always go around and each open our presents one at a time, also starting with the youngest. There were 4 of us kids, so we would all pass out the presents. Such awesome memories!!!


  2. I love that. It makes sense. My husbands family goes around one by one and opens presents. Everyone watches everyone open each present, and thanks each other for each present. I like your method better! Blessings.


  3. We have 3 boys. When they were younger we would also wear a Santa mask as we opened our presents.
    We never have put much stock in Santa, the boys never believed in Santa, it’s just fun.
    Jesus is the reason for the season.


  4. When I was a child someone would pass out the presents, usually one of us 4 children.
    But, then everyone would tear into their presents. Never seeing what the others got.
    We concentrated on what `we` got. I didn’t want that for my kids.
    We take the time to enjoy what someone else got and take lots of pictures.
    I love it!


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