He Comes

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1950s woman lying on snow covered steps fall accident slip expression of pain*

I heard on the news of an eighty year old woman who slipped on ice, fell into a snowbank and was stuck there, unable to get up, for three hours. Thankfully she lived next door to a fire station and eventually a fireman heard her cries and came to her rescue.

Notice she needed help. Her help, in the form of a fireman, approached her. She was totally unable to help herself or get up or even go to him.

So often in life, this is a picture of us. We do not know how to help ourselves or even with knowing, we are unable to help ourselves.

And God comes to us.

God came to man in the Garden. He knew man had fallen, made the mistake which forever changed the course of mankind. Man now needed healing of their soiled hearts and their broken relationships. They were…

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