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Palm Sunday has always piqued my interest. As a kid growing up, I was envious of the churches which gave out palms. Ours did not which often left me wondering if I was missing out on something important.

Years have passed. I have grown up and now attend a church which does give out palms. I am discovering, it really was not the palms which made me curious.

It is the story of Palm Sunday. Or maybe the posture of Jesus and the response of the people …

Palm-Sunday-printHe humbly sits on a donkey to enter Jerusalem. He does not come galloping in on a white horse ready to save the day. No, He enters on an animal, a donkey’s colt we are told, which only has one speed – slow.

The crowd of people respond spreading their garments on the road, waving branches and shouting …

“Praise God for…

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