Philosophy of Consumption (Prelude to a Manifesto)

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I don’t philosophy. But after meeting someone who has a much more thoughtful approach to what we’re trying to do as writers, I went back to my class notes from Creative Writing and looked at my teacher’s outline for writing a manifesto. It’s been three years since I took that class (my first official writing class), and it shocked me how far I’ve come. I think a lot of it has to do with my most recent completed project being a fanfiction about a YouTuber, and in the name of “honest portrayal,” I wrote a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have normally. (But it’s not like I agreed with much of what my teacher said at the time either.)

I got the “creator” idea from Ted Dekker’s book Showdown. Writers, painters, musicians, sculptors – we are all creators. I like the creator-consumer dichotomy because there’s nothing that hasn’t been…

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