Believe His Promises

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JoanneVWordImageLarge“Then his people believed his promises. They they sang his praise.” (Psalm 106:12, NLT)

Scripture is full of God’s promises to us, His people.

Promises, as defined by >>> adeclarationthatsomethingwillorwillnotbedone or given; an indicationofwhatmaybeexpected; an expressed assurance.

We all have been given promises. We’ve all made promises. And probably broken a few as well. Don’t worry I won’t ask for a show of hands 🙂

But here’s the thing about God’s promises –

He will never forget His promises to us.

It is we who forget His promises to us. God desires for us to remember His promises and what He has done:

“I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.” (Psalm 77:11, NIV)

Remembering is for our own good.  The results of forgetting can be…

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