10 Years Later: What I’ve Learned About Adoption

It’s been 10 years since we were handed our new daughter in the meeting room of a hotel in Guiyang, China.

Ten years since we wrapped arms and hearts around her and promised to never, ever let go.

IMG_5660 The moment our family of four became five.

That moment was the culmination of years of preparation, none of which actually prepared us for the job of parenting a child born to other parents in a foreign country.

We went into it for all the best reasons and wanting only to love her just as we already loved our biological children, and we do – fully and unconditionally. She is our daughter in every sense but genetic.

But that day was not just the end of the wait. It was our beginning as a new family and a bold step into the unknown.

IMG_5664 Notice the look in her eye. I should have…

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