8 Point Series: Tactics: How To Share Your Faith


I have said it before. I am convinced the reason the Church is so apathetic about learning the role of apologetics is because they don’t share their faith and engage the culture. I hope you will take the time to watch this excellent series.

I have discussed an issue here called

Six Signs You May Be Ashamed of the Gospel

We are living in a day of religious pluralism and theological illiteracy. On a very general level many Christians have been told they need to share the Gospel with people. But why? What is it that motivates you to even engage the culture for the Christian faith? Or maybe you just don’t engage it all. Overseas, Christians are being persecuted and killed for their beliefs. So don’t take it for granted that we have the freedom to share what we believe with others.

1. The Starting Point

If you don’t agree…

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