Let’s Establish Our Hearts

Days & Thoughts

11015084_865590096835214_4335680576188250137_nThis past week was the start a new study at Hello MorningsEstablish Your Hearts by Jenni Keller. It has surprised me with reminders as surely as life surprises us each day. And yet, nothing surprises our God who is waiting to meet us right in the midst of it all.

And so this week, I was reminded …

  • We each need to a revelation of Jesus. Sibling relationships can be challenging. Probably none more so than for James, who was the 1/2 brother of Jesus. James way only able to embrace Jesus’ identity after the resurrection. We will each need our own encounter with Jesus. “For even his own brothers did not believe in him.” (John 7:5, NIV)
  • There are those whom you will be the only one able to reach. James stayed in Jerusalem to lead the Jewish believers. There were major shifts in thinking, and a…

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