Return to the Garden

Living Our Days

Proximity to the land, awareness of seasonal patterns of frost and heat, rain and shine:  these are among the chief benefits of a garden, and in my ongoing cultivation of the beautiful mess where my veggies grow, I am continually renewed and inspired by the metaphors that spring forth from every aspect of life in the garden.  Susan S. Phillips has captured this peaceful fruition for those who are committed to following Jesus.  In The Cultivated Life, the garden as a metaphor for the life of spirituality is contrasted with the life of the circus where our souls “ceaselessly strive,” and we are pressured into assuming the role of “spectator” or “performer” in our three-ring world of anesthetized frenzy.

In garden-living, spiritual disciplines shed their associations with the guilt of toxic do-lists and become row markers, holding space in which our desire for God “can be kindled and in which…

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