The Uncommon Kindness Update

Kristy Cambron


We hear about them all the time: Random Acts of Kindness. 

They’re uncommon. A blessing tossed into the fray of our sometimes stormy seasons. And when they land — so softly, so sweetly and seemingly for no reason — when they fall upon us, it’s like a kiss from heaven.

I wrote about it at The GROVE today, the first time someone paid for my latte in the coffee drive-thru. That was maybe six months back? And of all days — of any one morning in this coffee-obsessed writer’s life — it happened AGAIN today.

It’s not earth-shattering, right? It’s a $5 latte. But to me, it was. Someone paid my debt. Handed over unearned grace. Bestowed uncommon kindness, and paid for me. By the time I came through the line they were gone. But the grace remained. It’s a reminder that goodness is out there. That God uses people to…

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