Jan Brett’s Many Books

The Reader and the Book


These are just twelve of Jan Brett’s forty-plus books that she has written and illustrated (Jan Brett’s Book List).  I am not reviewing a particular book today because she has so many that are oriented towards the Christmas season and the chill of a winter snow.  If you have never looked into one of Jan’s books, I encourage you to spend some time pondering the incredible illustrations.  You are in for a treat.  The detail of each page is so minute: the characters’ facial expressions, including the animals, the scenery, the costumes, and so much more.  There are often sidebars on the pages with little acts of the story going on there.  Each page is filled with color, costume, characters, surrounded by the natural world.  Plus, Jan Brett tells a story, often a long-known fairy tale or a tale (with a tail) of her own.

Jan and her…

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