H is for Hawk – by Helen Macdonald

Pages and Margins

h is for hawkThis is a very unusual book. It’s the story of one woman’s journey through the grief of losing her father. It’s also the story of a woman and a hawk, the strange juxtaposition of intimacy and distance that is inherent in the taming of a wild animal. It’s both memoir and biography, as the author intertwines her own story with that of T.H. White – another author who took on the challenge of training a goshawk and then made the experience into a work of literature. It combines genres in beautifully original ways, and is held together by a stylistic beauty that I found to be captivating. It’s not a book that will be universally enjoyed, but I found it to be deeply moving and compelling.

The story opens with the author unexpectedly losing her father. The way she describes her grief, and the emotional journey that she must live through…

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