Four Faith-Forward Lessons from the Life of Moses

Living Our Days

In a couple of months, I’ll be celebrating two years of blogging.  When my pastor first invited me to be a guest writer for the church’s blog, I could barely breathe whenever I clicked on that “publish” button — and that really hasn’t changed too much.  What has changed, however, is my understanding of bold believing, my willingness to trust God with the risk of putting my words “out there” to invisible readers.  I’m finding that God is not looking for a different Michele to carry His Truth.

Fortunately, I’m not the first follower to need this bit of encouragement, and Sharon Jaynes unpacks the “Let Go, Move Forward, Live Bold” lesson that God revealed to Moses.  Take Hold of the Faith You Long For addresses my objections to a bold following, my amnesia about the nature of the God who calls, and my desire to cling to the…

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