Musings – May 2016

Living Our Days

The peas that are sprouting in my garden have come from the seeds that, just a few weeks ago, slept under a layer of snow.  There’s a devotional thought there somewhere, but that’s not my purpose today, so I’ll resist the urge and proceed with a recap of happenings here at Living Our Days — and on my country hill in Maine.

The headline news this month is that, after 22 years as a stay-at-home mum, I’m going back to work full-time.  It’s just for the summer, but I’m already picturing some pretty huge implications to the way things work around here.  We’ll see.  For right now, I’m intent on getting the boys’ school year wrapped up and the garden planted before my start date of June 6.

I’m reading through I Corinthians, one chapter per week, taking it slowly and thoughtfully, using various translations and . . . no…

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