Use Wisdom

WisdomEcc 9:18 – Wisdom is better than weapons of war.

Solomon was a wise man. This statement definitely holds true still today.

We see weapons deployed without wisdom all over the place.

The problem with that is, once we use our weapons there is no going back. Things are done that can’t later be undone.

Some of us do things in our anger or fear that we later regret. I’m certainly guilty of this as much as anyone.

This scripture says the use of wisdom is better.

So, let’s use wisdom before weapons.

One of the most lethal weapons we have are our mouths and I see people wield this weapon all the time with complete disregard for others or for the consequences. Let’s not forget to mention the guns and assault rifles that are being fired on the streets every day.

Let’s not forget to mention the guns and assault rifles…

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