Move Heaven. Change Nations.

Living Our Days

It must have seemed as if his life was over.

At the age of fifteen, swept up in the aftermath of his country’s demise, in a series of cruel blows, he was enslaved, deported eight hundred miles — never to see his homeland again, stripped of his identity, and given a strange and foreign name.  Severed from his past and with every reason to dwell in bitterness against God and man, the Old Testament prophet Daniel became a pillar of faithfulness, a man of great influence in his land of captivity, and an instrument of God in the restoration of Israel.

In The Daniel Prayer, Anne Graham Lotz examines the prayer life of the prophet who came to God desperate and saw heaven moved and nations changed.  His model prayer, found in Daniel 9:1-23 was far removed from the “socially conditioned small-talk” that often passes for prayer, penetrating heaven with…

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