The Universe of Grace – Four new hymn texts


Please feel free to use these texts in any way you would like. They were written for congregational use but if you would like to share them in any other way, please do so. I intend to add some other hymn texts here so please check back often.


One of my favourite Bible passages is Isaiah 55 where the Jerusalem water-seller offers his most precious commodity for nothing – just as Jesus did hundreds of years later. This first poem can be sung to the lovely tune, ‘O Wally Waly’ or perhaps to Rockingham or many another melody.

Come taste and tell that God is good,
draw near and know that Christ is kind
and drink so deep the Spirit’s stream
your thirst will never rage again.

You spend your substance day by day
on food that fails to fortify:
come back and buy – no cost, no…

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