Step Into My Kitchen

A Day of Small Things...

My kitchen…it is what it is. It is definitely the trade off for the roomy front porch I so enjoy. The footprint of the room is a smidgen bigger than the original kitchen in 1920….maybe…and what is life without a challenge. I’m not sure filling it with the many treasures of my past is the best solution, but it makes me happy…and that is a good thing.

A neat panaramic view my hero experimented with…yes, my wall and counters are straight…mostly

No pantry? I have really put my wrought iron baker’s rack from Italy to use…I still really want a pantry.

Another bit of strangeness …a full height cooking hearth. By 1920 most city folk did not cook over open flame but apparently the original owners also enjoyed a vintage touch.

Limited cabinet space?….I have to admit I could have all the storage in the world but I would still…

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