The Purpose of Your Pain

Cory Lebovitz

I have a friend whose journey over the last few months has been especially difficult. As we talk about the pain of loss and disappointment I’ve been reminded that our pain in this life is not void of purpose. Now that fact is about as helpful as a band-aide for a broken bone in the moment of our pain. However it is essential that we understand the journey of pain in our lives.

There seems to be a process to our pain: Pain – Sadness – Comfort – Redemption. Each of these have their unique season where they are at the wheel driving us around.

Knowing this process of pain does not make suffering any easier. It simply gives vision for what is to come. Growing up I had my share of pain…those moments when my emotional/mental/spiritual car was high jacked as pain took the wheel. I’ll share some of my pain; perhaps…

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