The Most Meaningful Part of Any Team

Cory Lebovitz

I get to work with a lot of stellar staff and volunteer leaders who oversee incredible teams. None of these teams are perfect – but many of them have qualities, which set them apart and make them an ideal team environment.

Whether you are a leader building a new team, a fresh leader working with a pre-existing team or even a seasoned leader trying to take your team to the next level – there is one core element that I believe sets a team apart. It is the backbone of a good team that provides strength, stability, flexibility and endurance.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is skillset.
  • Don’t slide into the assumption that is has to do with longevity.
  • Don’t default into trusting things like training, communication or systems to be the difference maker.

All of those things are helpful and contribute to making a solid team…

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