Review: Dead Sea Rising

Dead Sea Rising is an inspirational suspense quick read novel by author Jerry B. Jenkins. When I saw this novel was offered for review I knew I wanted to read it. I have read other books by this author and have grown to appreciate him. This is a time-slip novel between 2000 B.C., Vietnam, and Present Day.

Nicole Berman’s dream as an archaeologist was to uncover that the divide between the three major religions of the world was based on myths, not history (p. 13). Nicole is from a Messianic Jewish family and believes the claims of Jesus. Her mother took a bad fall and wound up unconscious in a hospital. Did she accidentally fall or was there foul-play?

Did this book meet my expectations? It met what I expected from this author, however since this is a series there are a lot of pieces left open-ended. The reader will most certainly want to read the next installment which will be published in 2019, titled ‘Dead Sea Conundrum’

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