Review: A Desperate Hope

A Desperate Hope is a historical fiction romance novel by author Elizabeth Camden. I read the ARC ebook of this novel. The print novel was published on February 5, 2019. The setting was Duval Springs, early 1900’s.

The employees of the New York city water board want to obliterate the town of Duval Springs which would mean tearing down buildings and displacing thousands of people. Eloise Drake was not happy about this and none of the employees wanted to live in the town of Duval Springs for four months without decent plumbing and electricity.

This is a dual story between the proposed demolition of Duval Springs and a romance story of Eloise Drake and Alex Duval. My favorite character was Alex Duval who was a great leader, charming, and compassionate.

The story ends up being a gripping, mysterious tale, keeping me up past my bedtime to finish reading it. It kept me guessing and I didn’t figure out who the guilty party was until the story told me. I fell in love with the characters and they even seemed real at times.

I recommend this book to fans of historical fiction who like a little mystery.

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