Can Moa Fly?

Follow That Rabbit!

When I was in college, I was an English minor. I wasn’t super interested in the lit classes because I’m awful at metaphors and poetry, but I did take all the writing classes that were offered.

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The Lion of Judah – Between Two Kings – Part 1B

Ta`Mara Hanscom

The first few lessons of this unit will explore the situation Israel found herself as she waited in limbo between her two kings: Saul and David. Both were anointed by God, but one had the gift of faith – and it was his most precious gift.

Last week we left off with David and Saul parting ways on good terms. Then David went to a familiar place of shelter…near the Ziphites. And if you’ll recall, the Ziphites excelled at stirring up trouble – and I think they had greedy motives. They re-stirred the pot, so-to-speak, by going to Saul and telling him where David and his men were sheltered because they wanted Abigail’s stuff.

15 Such “wisdom” does not come down from heaven but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic. 16 For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.James 3:15-16 niv 2011


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Aimes Thoughts


I was blessed to receive the new CSB Worldview Study Bible last week. I am currently reading through the Bible in a year, so spent this week using this new Bible and had a couple thoughts.

Appearance– I loved the look of this Bible. It is a navy leather touch. I know some like my husband prefer a hard cover, but I prefer a soft. I love the way it bends in your lap when reading it. They do offer other cover options if you lean more towards a hard cover.

Translation– I have been reading the CSB this year and have really enjoyed it. It is described as a mix between NIV and ESV. I had previously been reading the ESV and I do like that translation as well. However, I have found the CSB to be a little more readable especially as I am reading larger…

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The Lion of Judah Series – # 1 Between Two Kings Part 1A

Ta`Mara Hanscom

“Active opposition to Christ and His Kingdom quickly follows upon the establishment of a rival kingdom.”

George Williams

And before you know it, we’re between two kings, and we’ve got some choices to make.

The first few lessons of this unit will explore the situation Israel found herself as she waited in limbo between her two kings: Saul and David. Both were anointed by God, but one had the gift of faith – and it was his most precious gift.

Also, in this unit, we’ll look at the significant parallels between Jesus Christ our King, and David, who was a “type” of Christ.

I can’t remember where I found this definition, but here is what I’m talking about when I say, “Type” or “Typology”:in Christian theology and Biblical exegesis, is a doctrine or theory concerning the predictive relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament. Events, persons…

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Christmas

Fiction Aficionado


Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël! Frohe Weihnachten! Bon Natale! Buon Natale! Feliz Navidad! However you say it, I send you greetings of the season. 🙂

Today’s word nerd choice was a fairly obvious one: Christmas. Do you know how the word came about? What about the phrase ‘merry Christmas’? Or that dreaded abbreviation Xmas?

The word Christmas had its beginnings in the Old English term Cristes mæsse, meaning ‘Christ’s Mass’ (Mass meaning the Eucharist—celebration of the Lord’s Supper or Communion). Pretty straight-forward, huh? Masses specifically commemorating the birth of Christ were celebrated on 25th December as early as the 4th Century AD, but it was almost 1,000 years before the term began appearing as one word rather than two. Interestingly enough, it was also used as a verb for a time, meaning ‘to celebrate Christmas’.

The commonly used greeting Merry Christmas was popularized by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but was used as…

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Birthing a new book…or an ugly monkey?

Fiction 4 Writers and Readers


Well here we go, people of Earth! It’s launch day for the first book in four book series! Am I excited? Yes! Scared? You betcha! Launching a new book is like having a baby. You hope everyone will say, “Amazing! Spectacular! Look at those ear lobes!” At the same time, you worry that people will say, “Oh man. That baby is just plain ugly, a real wrinkly faced monkey!” Yep, it takes a thick skin to be in this business, let me tell you. It also takes a lot of time. Launch day is the culmination of countless hours of writing, but also booking time on people’s blogs, soliciting reviews, planning posts on various social media channels and creating memes, among other things.

Speaking of hours…I’ve got like a bajillion contests going on to celebrate this book/monkey launch. Here are links to a few, and I also host a giveaway…

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