A Guide for Living Well as an Introvert of Faith

Living Our Days

Little Rock, Arkansas was the Sunday stop on the last leg of our cross-country trip. I don’t recall the denomination of the church we visited, but I sure remember its personality: the two-handed handshakes, the over-the-top meet-n-greet . . . and the dear woman who sat next to me and kept touching my arm whenever the pastor made a good point. That church leaned hard toward an extroverted culture. For this introvert with the plexiglass space bubble, I  honestly couldn’t get out of that building fast enough.  While that church is certainly not typical by any means (thank heavens!), it demonstrates with broad brush strokes the extroverted culture that prevails in the church.

Adam S. McHugh looks at the church through the lens of an introvert. He encourages introverted believers to celebrate their temperament and, rather than being defined by what they are NOT (outgoing, people-loving, gregarious, etc.) to lean…

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Grandparenting: A High and Holy Calling

Living Our Days

Mothering is the calling and the gift that came to me even though I did not have either the wisdom or the optimism to pray for it. Twenty-four years into the journey, I’m still learning, and my kids are good teachers. Because my husband and I were “late bloomers” in a part of the world where people tend to marry and start their families early, quite a few of our friends had already become grandparents while we were still up to our fetlocks in parenting. Even after our oldest son married, the idea of becoming a grandparent was nowhere on my radar — and then my first grandchild was born.

Made in the express image and likeness of his dad, my grandson was instantly “knowable” and soon became a kindred spirit. Together we’ve spread paint on paper and on popsicle sticks; we’ve made cookies and craft projects and played in…

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Christmas lights and pajamas….

Mimi On Life

Alan and I started a new tradition a few years ago. This all began during a time when I was recovering from another sinus infection. We continue to enjoy this tradition every year in sickness and in health.

After spending too much time being inside, I was becoming a bit grouchy.  The outside was beckoning to me…”Come out and play. You will have fun. Look at the Christmas lights.” Yes, the outdoors was calling me.

Alan decided in order for me to feel totally better, I needed some cheer. “Get your coat, honey. We are going to look for Christmas lights and decorations.”

My reply was, “Dear, I am already dressed for sleep. I am wearing my pajamas.”

My sweet husband persisted. “Yes, put your coat on over your pajamas. We are going to find the lights.”

Bundled up with thick fleece pajamas (which may or may not have penguins…

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12 Days of Christmas Reads – The Fourth Day: ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ by Susan May Warren

Fiction Aficionado

Fourth Day

Welcome to the fourth day of my 12 Days of Christmas Reads giveaways! I hope you’ve been enjoying my guests so far. If you’ve missed any so far, don’t worry! There are links to previous posts at the bottom of this post (and there’s still time to enter the giveaways!) But for now, it’s time to meet author Susan May Warren!

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12 Days of Christmas Reads – The First Day: ‘Desert Duet’ by Debra E. Marvin

Fiction Aficionado

First Day

Welcome to the first of my 12 Days of Christmas Reads posts! I have some fantastic authors and books to share with you over the next twelve days, and each post comes with a giveaway, so there are plenty of opportunities to grab yourself a Christmas read. Kicking it all off is author Debra E. Marvin and her novella Desert Duet.

Some links in this post are affiliate links. See here for full disclosure.

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Embrace Fiercehearted Living

Living Our Days

The Fiercehearted come in all shapes and sizes on this day, and their beautiful faces circle the table from all ages and stages of life. A gray-haired woman sips orange soda facing a 96 year-old faith warrior who prays fiery gospel truth over our meal. Our hostess chows down at one end of the table, mounding up joy like the whipped cream on her brownie pudding cake as if the cancer that has dogged her steps for ten years were only a minor inconvenience. A missionary on home assignment contemplates aloud the challenges of living on both sides of an ocean, but it’s clear that she is among the company who have borne seed with tears but now rejoice over a harvest.

In her manifesto scribbled in the dim light of an airplane seat, Holley Gerth has drawn the boundaries wide and grace-filled for who gets to wear the the…

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