New Years Resolutions

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My Resolutions:
Family: Step out of the way & allow God to work in our lives
Love my boys more and more each day.
Health: Eat more fruits & vegy’s. Exercise more.
Get in shape and lose 100lbs.
Spiritual: Get lost in the Word of God.
Allow the Holy Spirit to show me His truths.
Homestead: Organize my clutter.
Give the house a deep cleaning.
Online: Engage in thoroughly reading blogs.
Seeking God and His righteousness

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Attitude of Gratitude

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(1) My own Bible to read

(2) Heat on this cold day

(3) A Christian husband who loves me dearly

(4) Three boys who are God’s gift

(5) Christmas time to celebrate Jesus birth

(6) A New Year to begin again

(7) A Pastor who stands on the word of God

(8) A loving church home

(9) My friends who love me for me

(10) My parents are still alive at the age of 80

It’s so nice to join our hearts (and blogs/comments) together and “raise our praise” of THANKSGIVING TO GOD!

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Christmas Traditions

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The Family Channel at Exemplify Online is talking about Family Christmas Traditions.

Our Christmas tradition is to let the youngest open their presents first.

When our youngest was much younger, and more mobile, he really enjoyed being first.

One child plays santa and passes out all the presents.

When that is finished the youngest opens theirs as we all watch and take pictures.

Then they are free to play with what they received as we work our way up to Dad, he is last.

Now that they are teens they also like watching what everyone else received.

Ok, so what is your Christmas tradition?

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I had a wonderful date w/ my son. We talked and laughed & talked and laughed. The food had a lot to be desired. My Ceasar salad had no Ceasar, his steak was a bit tough. We learned something new tho. We should order `med` instead of `med well`. How people can eat `well done` is beyond me. We were told lots of people order “extra well` done or `rare` (cow still mooing). However, Bubba got his whole meal `FREE` appetizer, salad, entree, bread, drink, (BIG savings) so I took him to Barnes`N`Noble where he got a CD & I got two Joyce Meyer books (`Approval Addiction` & `The Confident Woman`) priced down to $5 ea. from $23 ea. Today was a real blessing!!

`Come and Worship`

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Whatever gets you to the feet of Jesus this weekend, do it. Meet him where you’ve met him before, and should the sky split open and your faith catch a glimpse of your glorious forever, cradle that moment in your heart as a sacred gift from a gracious God who loves you.

Who came for you. Who waits for you. Who longs for you… just you. Come and worship your King this day.

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