The Most Meaningful Part of Any Team

Cory Lebovitz

I get to work with a lot of stellar staff and volunteer leaders who oversee incredible teams. None of these teams are perfect – but many of them have qualities, which set them apart and make them an ideal team environment.

Whether you are a leader building a new team, a fresh leader working with a pre-existing team or even a seasoned leader trying to take your team to the next level – there is one core element that I believe sets a team apart. It is the backbone of a good team that provides strength, stability, flexibility and endurance.

  • Don’t fall into the trap of thinking it is skillset.
  • Don’t slide into the assumption that is has to do with longevity.
  • Don’t default into trusting things like training, communication or systems to be the difference maker.

All of those things are helpful and contribute to making a solid team…

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The Purpose of Your Pain

Cory Lebovitz

I have a friend whose journey over the last few months has been especially difficult. As we talk about the pain of loss and disappointment I’ve been reminded that our pain in this life is not void of purpose. Now that fact is about as helpful as a band-aide for a broken bone in the moment of our pain. However it is essential that we understand the journey of pain in our lives.

There seems to be a process to our pain: Pain – Sadness – Comfort – Redemption. Each of these have their unique season where they are at the wheel driving us around.

Knowing this process of pain does not make suffering any easier. It simply gives vision for what is to come. Growing up I had my share of pain…those moments when my emotional/mental/spiritual car was high jacked as pain took the wheel. I’ll share some of my pain; perhaps…

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Philippians/Colossians | Fall & Winter Online Bible Study Registration – Study Begins August 21, 2017


I am so excited to announce our next online Inductive Bible Study will begin on August 21, 2017. Registration is now open for Philippians and Colossians “That I May Know Him” by Kay Arthur and David Lawson. We will begin the study of the book of Philippians on August 21, 2017 and Colossians will begin on October 9, 2017.

Where can we turn for a clear picture of who Jesus really is?  In this life-changing study of Philippians and Colossians, you’ll discover for yourself the truth about who Jesus Christ is and the difference He can make in your life.    In James 1:2-4, we are told to “consider it all joy when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance.  And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”   In this study of Philippians and Colossians, we…

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Hamilton and Spiritual Hunger

Cory Lebovitz

Have you ever felt spiritual hunger? It’s that desire for something more from God, for your own sake or for the sake of others. Spiritual Hunger is a gift from God because it reminds you of the gap between the Kingdom of God and the world of Man. (Click to tweet) When we grow content and complacent in this life on earth, spiritual hunger is the method by which God wakes us up. Spiritual hunger reminds us that we are but immigrants in a land so very different from our home. (Click to tweet)

I have noticed in my own journey that I have to be intentional to find tools that stoke the fire of my own spiritual hunger. Core spiritual disciplines such as prayer and regular bible reading are crucial when it comes to keeping my hunger “current.” In addition to these key components of faith, I…

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The Weekend Dish: 4/1/2017

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

The Weekend Dish: 4/1/2017

Happy April!

If I had a keen, witty sense of humor I would have thought of a great April fool’s joke for you, but alas… that kind of thing is not my strong suit, womp womp.

Can you believe it’s APRIL already? And that my baby is going to be six months old on Tuesday?! How on Earth does time move so fast (and yet, the hour before bedtime goes soooooooo slowly, HA)? How is your weekend shaping up?

NEW VIDEO! I have a new video up for my No Bake Banana Split Dessert, which is one of my two favorite spring and summer desserts, and absolutely perfect for Easter. Check it out!

As always, you’ll find a recap of what was posted to the site this week, the most shared recipes, my Sunday dinner menu, and recipes I’ve bookmarked from other blogs. Enjoy

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The Front Porch

Faithful Acres Body Soul Spirit


when life gets
a little more than
i can take
i slip away
and take a break
far from the city
and all its demands
frankly, it’s more
than i can stand
so i slip away
to a little place
far from the busy streets
all the pushin’ and a shovin’
and a keepin’ up with
some feller named Jones
that’s just not for me
out in the sticks
is where i call home
back in the hills
just a takin’ it slow
ain’t in no hurry
we’ll git there soon e’nuf
got everythin’ i need
right here on the porch
a nice cool breeze
birds singin’ to me
and a tall glass of tea
that feller Jones
ain’t got nothin’ on me
~ poem “That Feller Jones” by Michael Traveler, author/poet

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